About Kristin

In her mid twenties, Kristin began a teaching path that was inspired by the traditional but propelled by the creative. She began trying to solve the puzzle of how to keep students interested in making music with a goal of keeping them involved in music throughout their lifetime. Through almost a decade of research and hundreds of students, Kristin has achieved a formula for success not only for her students, but also for herself. She emphasizes joy, creativity and perseverance with long-view goals that focus on each person as a collection of strengths.

  • Certified Teacher with The Royal Conservatory, 2016
  • Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, 2006
  • M.M. Piano Performance and Pedagogy Southern Methodist University, 2006
  • B.A. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, 2004

Learn more about Kristin's music school, Centre for Musical Minds.

Kristin Yost
kristin yost

Dynamic and Results-driven!

Kristin Yost is a sought-after teacher, author and presenter based in Frisco, TX. She founded her music school, Centre for Musical Minds in 2008 with a vision for making music come to life for all ages, stages and genres of music. She’s written two books on the business of piano teaching and taught Current Trends in Piano Pedagogy and Music Business at Southern Methodist University and Texas Women’s University, respectively. Yost most recently created a video-streaming service for piano lessons (Musical Minds Online), wrote a method book with pop-style music for older beginners and is offering it all for free while we are all working through our new-normal.